At DAPA, we believe our clients deserve the very best. That means matching the right skills to specific needs. We can successfully do that because we have over 850 professional Associates from which to choose. No one has to be “all things to all people”. In this way, we are able to respond to the requirements of a particular situation, with just the right combination of skills and experience.  Another key element of our philosophy is the discovery process: finding out just what it is that the client needs. Not surprisingly, clients often come to us asking for a particular service. Yet after listening and questioning, we are able to suggest a solution that is more targeted to the individual situation. In other words, we are not about just providing a service, but rather providing the “right” service.  So discovery is not just a concept, but an integral part of customer service and a key to our success. Whether responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP), or actively pursuing a contract for service, DAPA always takes time for discovery. The result is a mutually rewarding solution of meeting client needs within a productive and cost-efficient working relationship.