Douglas A. Petersen

Douglas A. Petersen

Founder, CFRE, COB/CEO

Doug Petersen, CFRE is the COB/CEO/Owner of D.A. Petersen Associates, Inc. (DAPA), which he founded in 1975 as a premiere full human and financial service consulting firm. The mission of D.A. Petersen Associates, Inc. is “to help individuals and organizations to become as much as they can be… by utilizing empowerment strategies that maximizes their return on investment.” Mr. Petersen has over thirty eight years in the profit and non-profit sectors as a YMCA Program, Camp and Executive Director for three YMCA’s in Minnesota; Program and Development Director with Eastside Neighborhood Services; and the Greater Minneapolis Area American Red Cross as Director of Development, PR, Marketing, MIS, Planning, Assistant Executive Director and the American National Red Cross as Director of MOH Major and Planned Gifts. Has experience with over three hundred staff and thousands of volunteers in recruiting, hiring, supervising, nurturing, coaching, empowering and has extensive experience in program, human, financial, PR, marketing, systems, training, estate planning and all areas of fund raising.

Mr. Petersen has raised over $1,000,000,000 in all areas of fund raising. D.A. Petersen Associates, Inc. has over 850 associates in the USA & the world that are competent in all areas of human and financial development services that can be drawn together to meet the clients needs. In 1979, Mr. Petersen was a founding member of the Minnesota Planned Giving Council. Mr. Petersen has been a “Core Faculty” member of The Fund Raising School at Indiana University. Mr. Petersen has written a couple books on human services and major gifts. In 1989, Mr. Petersen received the first “Professional Fund Raiser of the Year Award” from the American National Red Cross. Mr. Petersen has been licensed in real estate and insurance and has trained the New York Life Agents in Non-Profit Charitable Market Sector Collaboration Opportunities. Mr. Petersen was an “Expert in Resident” for the Kellogg Foundation in estate planning and gift planning in September 1992. Mr. Petersen founded the Minnesota Philanthropy Day with the MN Chapter of the NSFRE in 1982 and was President in 1984. Mr. Petersen is published in the following issues of Who’s Who in America, Midwest, Finance and Industry and the World, editions 1992-2004.

Specialty Areas:

  • Planned Giving Services (Identification, Qualification Cultivation, Solicitation, Recognition Services for… small, medium and large non-profits)
  • Major Gift Campaigns (Capital, Operating, Annual, Special Projects, Endowment, etc.)
  • Prospect Research and Qualifying (for agency and individuals objectives alignments)
  • Board, Committees, Staff and Volunteer Full Empowerment Training/Implementation
  • Land/Commercial Real Estate & Entities Development and Multi-Use Large Properties
  • Strategic Partnership/Collaboration Alliances Development and Empowerment Activities
  • Strategic Planning All Levels (full agency, PR, marketing, development, human services)
  • Training, Coaching, Mentoring Dynamic Educational & Empowerment Services
  • Internet Ventures, Partnerships, Online E-Business Opportunities for NFPs & Businesses
  • Owner four businesses: DAPA, DCI, IP Group, DAPA and