For Nonprofit Organizations

Find New Sources of Funding: A universal challenge to non profits organizations is generating revenue to support mission critical services. As a member of DAPA you have access to potential new sources of funding and fundraising techniques previously available only to larger non profits. DAPA systems and services permit online giving, planned and major gifts from high net-worth donors and active email based fundraising.

Access Technology: Many non profit organizations find themselves unable to fully utilize all the Internet has to offer. Through our easy web builder, you can build and maintain your organization’s web site by simply calling us at (612) 782-0604. The D. A. Petersen Associates Organization is committed to finding and providing access to the highest quality Application Service Providers, to help your organization work more effectively through the Internet.

Increase Your Efficiency: Managing your donor database is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign, whether operating, annual, sustaining, and capital, endowment or special projects. The D. A. Petersen Associates Organization can help you navigate the maze of online giving options, helping you find the best online giving options for your organization.

Connect With Volunteers: Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non profit organizations. Communicating with them through our exclusive DAPA calendar allows them to match their talents with your needs. Your DAPA/member web site will provide additional important information on your organization and our email based public relations efforts sends your organization’s message to all major media.

Access Professional Services: Non profit organizations often need outside help in order to raise money, conduct training, set up planned gifts and a wide range of other services. Through DAPA you have access to over 850 professionals ready to serve your non profit needs. To get you started, we have the “DAPA Answer Desk”, where our members can ask questions of our staff of non profit experts.

Improve Your Reporting Compliance: Failure to comply with reporting rules can mean embarrassing public relations at best and the loss of a charity’s 501(c)(3) status at worst. Using DAPA’s links to critical reporting forms, the effort needed to insure compliance with government reporting requirements will be reduced and the resultant report (IRS #990 Form) will be more timely and accurate.

For Businesses

Community Goodwill: By sponsoring charitable activities that lead to public recognition of their good intentions, the public will associate sponsoring businesses with the public good.

Increased Customer Loyalty: By associating sponsoring businesses with specific charities, member charities will encourage their supporters and contributors to utilize the business’s services. In addition, by supporting solutions to problems at the local level, businesses will be viewed as members of the community – even if the business is a large national chain.

New Business: D. A. Petersen Associates provides the web connections that link consumers to business web sites. The traffic driven to the businesses web site via our promotional activities and those of our member charities will result in new leads and new sales. For allied professionals, D. A. Petersen Associates provides a one-stop shopping resource center through which members can market services to member charities and donors.

Lower Marketing Costs: Through the use of our integrated system of activities; businesses will be able to lower marketing cost through efficient web access to local customers

Consumer Insight: The ability to compete is, in part, the ability to anticipate. We will provide that insight. D. A. Petersen Associates Data Services will efficiently identify, correlate and provide useful information to member businesses.

Market Differentiation: In today’s market, product differentiation is not enough. Before customers buy they want to buy-in. They want to buy into the company’s message, their lifestyle and other attributes. They want to connect with causes and will support those charities whose causes they endorse. It’s increasing important to tell who you are, not what products you make. D. A. Petersen Associates will make the business to charity connections that will connect the business to the buying public.

Increased Competitiveness: This is the bottom line. Member businesses will: 1) become better positioned in the marketplace through our local brand and cause association, 2) have efficient access to an increasingly loyal customer base, and receive consumer insight. This will translate into more new business, more repeat business, more efficient and effective advertising and strategic planning services which will increase their competitiveness.

For Individuals

Peace of Mind: Donors will no longer have to wonder if a charity is legitimate; if it’s not, it won’t be on our site. Questions and concerns can be voiced using our feedback systems. In addition, donors can take the time they need to make informed giving decision in the no-pressure environment of the privacy of their own home.

Accountability: The new philanthropist is a more demanding contributor. Before they donate, they want assurances that their money will be used effectively and efficiently. They want accountability through the processes and reporting methodologies that businesses use. D. A. Petersen Associates provides the systems and services that make reporting complete and easy.

Ease of Use: Whether donating time or money, donors will be able to our use on-line system to efficiently give time and money.

Advanced Services: D. A. Petersen Associates provides a one-stop center for charitable giving. Whether planning a simple gift or seeking a major charitable trust, D. A. Petersen Associates can help. Our allied professionals provide a variety of high touch legal, financial and educational services.