These are some of the stories our clients have experienced in benefiting from DAPA Empowerment services.

As Estate Planning Success
After her husband’s death a woman we worked with owned the family farm alone. He had bought the land for a $1 per acre when he came home from WWII. Although there was a tenant farmer, most years her share of the crop was worth less than $2,500.She lived in one state and the farm was in another, which would complicate her estate. There would be also be significant capital gains to be paid and the total value of the farm mean the estate would be subject to estate taxes. This meant less would be available for her children and other heirs.

Her church and her college were important to her and she intended to remember both in her will. We suggested an approach using a planned giving donation that offered many immediate advantages to her and deferred advantages for her estate.

The farm was donated to the college, which then sold the property to fund a charitable remainder trust. With the mandatory annual payment she received from this trust, a life insurance policy was purchased naming her congregation as the beneficiary.

Since the farm was donated to a non-profit organization, there was no capital gains tax. Her gift credit was based on the current appraised value of the land. As a result, she was able to not pay individual taxes for the next several years of her life.

Finally, since the farm was no longer part of her estate, it fell under the maximum amount which could be passed to her children and heirs without estate taxes. Her children knew that their mother cared about these two organizations and chose to name them as recipients of memorial gifts.

The college and her congregation each received a legacy gift in excess of $50,000 at her passing. There is now a permanent scholarship fund at the college in her name and the library at her church has been named in honor of her husband.

Whether it’s fundraising, planned giving or legacy planning, creative and caring solutions like the one above can be yours.

Project NEAT: ‘Northeast All Together’
DAPA with the leadership of Doug Petersen, mobilized the Northeast Minneapolis, MN community in six months from January 3 to June 18, 1975 to identify, screen, select elderly, disabled, low income home owners to have their houses be totally painted, re-wired, plumbing, and other home improvement projects.With over 1000 empowered volunteers from the trades, professionals, police, fire, community, businesses, students, churches and the NE Kiwanis Club leadership this was accomplished.

The funds were sought from local sources and the event was the first of its kind in the Twin Cities area that was extremely successful that won an International Kiwanis Award at the annual meeting in Toronto, CA in 1975. This program under a smaller focus of just painting homes of disadvantaged residents of the Twin Cities is still going strong…under the name…Paint-A-Thon!

D.A. Petersen Associates, Inc. (DAPA) was proud to be the consulting firm that made this possible with wonderfully committed and empowered volunteers! The mission of DAPA is… ‘To help people and organizations become as much as they can be with empowerment activities that maximizes the return on investment.’

Project SOS ‘Save Our Shade’
DAPA with Doug Petersen’s leadership kept the community involvement and betterment Model working in the Northeast Minneapolis of Minnesota in 1976 with Project SOS…’Save Our Shade.’ This event was one Saturday during the summer when over 500 volunteers screen disabled residents and community and park lands for planting over 10,000 pine and deciduous trees. Many yard and boulevard trees had been eliminated by Dutch Elm Disease.

With the Mpls Park Department collaboration and assistance we also worked together to develop the ‘Adopt-A-Tree’ Program, where the residents on boulevard streets kept water their city owned trees. This is another program that has lasted over the years and very empowering for self and community enrichment.

FinnFest 2002
No project is too small or large for D.A. Petersen Associcates, Inc. (DAPA). In early 2002, one of our VP and the Managing Director of our IP Group, Inc. (PR, Marketing & Advertising, division of DAPA) got a call for help to plan, promote, execute and evaluate the 2002 FinnFest Festival International Conference to be hosted in the Twin Cities of Mpls and St. Paul. DAPA came to be the Producing/Empowering Company for FinnFest 2002. Held at the U of MN campus on August 7 to 11, 2002; with over 2000 people from all over the world were in attendence to enjoy their heritage of music, business, theatre, food, education and fellowship. The entire empowerment process from beginning to end of this event was powered by DAPA and our “Empowerment Services” that was done without mention and fanfare. No special event or project is too small for DAPA! Our DAPA mission… “To help people and organizations become as much as they can be…by utilizing empowerment activities that maximizes the return on investment for our clients.” Give us a call at 612-782-0604 or email at for more information with no obligations.
Immortal Chaplains Foundation: Idea to Reality! – 7/7/2004 5:00:37 PM
In early 1997, a former client and friend from the American Red Cross called and said…”Doug I would like to have you meet and see if your can help with his friend that has a wonderful vision to immortalize one of his uncles and help humanity at the same time! Some background…On Feb. 3, 1943, the US warship the Dorchester was sunk by a German U-233 submarine and over 970 US soldiers were drowned in seventeen minutes in the middle of night in the icy North Atlantic seas. Rev. George Fox our client’s uncle along with Rev. Polling, Father Washington and Rabbi Goode were the “Immortal Four Chaplains” that were from different faiths, and ethnicity, but were of the same mind and spirit in adversity…”were last seen holding hands and praying and helping others as the Dorchester Troopship sunk into the cold North Atlantic seas to all their demises.” The idea of starting and empowering… The Immortal Chaplains Foundation with its main offices in the Twin Cities of Mpls & St. Paul was gladly taken on to become a longtime DAPA client by empowering them and working hand in hand from an idea to reality. What is the Immortal Chaplians Foundation key components: * A Bridge of Compassion between Diverse Races and Faiths…with annual Immortal Chaplains Prizes for Humanity to those have who have risked all to protect others or a different race or faith! * A Bridge of Reconcilation Between the Past and Present… by broadening and creating a public reconcilation between the families of the survivors of both sides of the WWII Dochester tragedy…setting the stage for broader understanding of reconcilation worldwide. * A Bridge of Understanding for the Future…by teaching and inspiring youth with free educational curricum, video testamonials, and materials that leaves a lasting impression of interfaith compassion of helping our neighbors. Our first Immortal Chaplains Foundation Humanity Prize on Feb. 7, 1999 among the winners were Archbishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa and the many others of note over the years. The families of all the four chaplains have been involved and helping others to understand the importance selfless acts of courage without regard to one’s self is a lasting value for making this world a better place. D.A. Petersen Associates, Inc. (DAPA) is very proud and pleased to be choosen to be the development, PR, marketing, and friend raising counsel for this wonderful foundation of faith in helping one another to become as much as they can be!
Feasibility Studies are the Key to Success!
Over the last thirty-years DAPA has done many feasibility studies for all sectors. The key factors for success in starting new programs from planned giving, endowment to capital campaigns… is testing your plans with the Right Key Informants! 1. The Leadership 2. The Case for Support, 3. The Plan and 4. The Prospects are the most important areas to focus your energies on for developing your new program, feasibility study and and other development functions. The Feasibility Study gives at least the following information for the agency: * What is the case that works * Who should/will support the case * Who should/could lead the effort * When is the best time to undertake the campaign * How will you accomplish your efforts * Why is this program worthy of the support and the benefits to all parties * How much could be given and/or raised based on the sampling * Where are the best prospects AND…Should you do the campaign as proposed… Now, Later, Not Until Ready, etc. DAPA Delivers Dreams! Give us a call to assist you in your feasibility studies and campaigns. Contact us at 612-782-0604 or email